Hi, Kimberly. I’m not worried so much about them using my content. What bothers me is they are blatantly declaring that by writing on Medium, we are giving them a license to do ANYTHING they want with the content, including make money withput compensating us, and changing our work. Yes, I know its still my content and I can still do what I want with it. But under normal circumstances, I would only provide a licensee(Medium) that kind of permission for extreme compensation. Here they get it for nothing. Not only that, their explanation is in blatant contrast to the wording in the new terms. Its not about accepting what we cant change. Its more about fighting against the injustice this presents to the writers and their content. I love writing on Medium and reading thousands of great stories, and will probably stay on. But it is highly unlikely I will post my “best” stuff, for what that’s worth. Standing up for your ethical principles is sometimes better than just accepting someone taking pure advatage of you. Yes, I know I can choose to leave. And I am balancing that with what Medium has done, and what I can still get from Medium. This is nothing more than preparation for a future money grab that leaves Mediums most important assets hanging out in the cold.

The “real” me, released into the wild, unashamedly blunt, politically incorrect, brutally honest(in a nice way), funny, and still lovable. And still anonymous.

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