Kevin, don't feel uncomfortable commenting . . or maybe, thank you for feeling uncomfortable. This is satire and definitely NOT a request for claps. I recently read a story where someone was complaining about claps. There seem to be more of those these days then before (clap complainers). Claps really mean nothing. No one knows the appropriate number to give, or what a certain number means, so their impact is lessened. Yes, it's always nice to get a bunch of claps because that seems to be how we know if our story reaches others. Why? Because a lot of people still don't comment on the stories. I wrote this because of that, and the fact that I was reviewing my earnings for this month and noticed how close I was to 1000 on several stories and thought it would make an interesting satirical "rant." And thanks for the advice. i'll give it a try! Your input is ALWAYS welcome. Have a great day!

The “real” me, released into the wild, unashamedly blunt, politically incorrect, brutally honest(in a nice way), funny, and still lovable. And still anonymous.

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