Listen to us. . .two men arguing over a woman’s right to have an abortion! Your argument is a false dichotomy (IMHO). Again, I don’t know whether abortion is right or wrong. If a woman is impregnated by rape, then the man should not have a say in what happens to the fetus/child. He forfeited his right to have a say by his actions. Certainly, multiple other reasons exist that would support an abortion, especially if the woman’s health is at issue. That takes precedence. But when a man and a woman have sex without birth control, BOTH are responsible for the creation of life. Ergo, the man should have some say in what happens to the fetus/child. After all, the fetus has half his chromosomes. Calling a woman an incubator for a child the world doesn’t need or care about (I am paraphrasing because I do not have your response open in front of me) disregards the basis of my whole argument, which is, if the man who helped create the fetus wants the child, he should be entitled to have that option. It is simply not an option for him to carry the child. Further, arguing from the other side, the man CANNOT force the woman to have the abortion if he doesn’t want the child and she does. Society not only prevents his involvement in that decision, but forces him to acknowledge the child as his, forces him to carry responsibility for the child, and, in most cases where the woman is not as financially secure as the man, forces him to contribute financially. Society tells the man that it is his responsibility because he got the woman pregnant. Where in all of that is HER responsibility? Yes, she carries the child. However, she decides whether to keep it or not, regardless of and with no deference to the man’s feelings or opinion. And, yes, I will say it: I apologize if any woman takes offense at my position. I mean no offense or disrespect. I absolutely respect women and this very difficult (again, IMHO) issue. But I also adore my children and can’t imagine getting a woman pregnant who decides to have an abortion against my wishes to have and take care of the child. My stamina is waning, Robert. Be gentle if you respond. Thanks for the debate!

The “real” me, released into the wild, unashamedly blunt, politically incorrect, brutally honest(in a nice way), funny, and still lovable. And still anonymous.

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